A New Challenger Has Approached!

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A New Challenger Has Approached!

Post by Nikki_Page on 10/8/2015, 9:58 pm

Hey everyone! The name's Nikki! Glad that I could meet you all!

It all started with Boom doing an art stream, and I went on to try to get some inspiration for drawing. Well, it turned into me making some new, awesome friends!

Here's just a list of things to give you a general idea of who you're talking to:
--I'm trash at heart. Very trashy. No life whatsoever. What little of a life I do have is invested in the internet :^)
--I like to draw! I have a blog where I post my art on a whim
--I also write! I can create stories and characters out of thin air, and that's how I usually keep myself entertained
--Some fandoms I'm in include: Team Fortress 2, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Skullgirls, Splatoon, Vocaloid, and other various anime and manga fandoms

I was able to add some friends on Steam, but if you want to, here are some ways you can:
Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198150883126/
(If it doesn't allow you to add me, say something and we'll fix it)
Tumblr Blog: http://nikki-page.tumblr.com/
(Forgive how shitty it looks, I tampered with the HTML to customize it myself, and there are a few elements I've yet to fix)
DeviantArt: http://nicolepage.deviantart.com/
(But I'm on Tumblr, so meh)
Skype: nikki.neeki
(Or Nikki Page. My profile is Marie from Splatoon. Hope you can find it well! ><)

I hope this forum can be a way for us to talk more and for me to get to know everyone. I'd like to make more friends! :3c

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